Welcome from Sunnyvale Mayor Larry Klein!

My personal website is here to let you get a better idea on how to connect with me and find out what your mayor is doing. Please feel free to reach out if you have a question about Sunnyvale or want to get more involved.

Thank you for allowing me to continue to represent you during difficult times.

– Mayor Larry

In November 2020, I was elected Sunnyvale’s first directly-elected Mayor! Thank you for all your support!  Please join me in my re-election campaign for November 2024 as we continue our work to make a better Sunnyvale for all!

Please visit www.LarryForMayor.com to learn more.

Sunnyvale Restaurant Project

During COVID, I started highlighting the fantastic food and great diversity of our family-run Sunnyvale restaurants.  I’ve visited over 200 locations in our city and met the staff and owners, and I’ve had LOTS of great meals.

See the full list and reviews on the Restaurant Project page.

And you can always tell your friends to visit:  www.EatSunnyvale.com

Mayor’s Weekly LiveStream Address

Since the COVID shelter-in-place began, I have been holding a Weekly Office Hours Livestream Address on Friday mornings to cover what is happening that affects our residents, answer your questions and give words of encouragement.

Note that you do NOT need a Facebook account to watch past video address and can tune in LIVE Friday mornings (and ask questions real-time).

Visit my Facebook page HERE in order to watch LIVE or after the fact.

The videos are also uploaded to YouTube HERE.

Mayor Larry’s Calendar

For almost seven years, I have been meeting weekly with residents.

Please e-mail me (council@larryklein.com), if you would like to reserve a 15 or 30 minute timeslot at my in-person office hours at Bean Scene Cafe (186 S. Murphy Avenue)– see “Office Hours” days below.

About Me

Since 2004, I have been serving our community, and I pledge to keep working for everyone in Sunnyvale.

I was elected to Council for Seat 4 in August of 2016, and re-elected for Seat 4 in November of 2016.   In January of 2019, I was selected as Sunnyvale’s Mayor.  In November of 2020, I was elected as Sunnyvale’s first directly-elected Mayor. I appreciate the privilege of serving as mayor for our fine city.  THANK YOU for your continued support!